Thursday, May 30, 2013

Project 365 Scrapbooking Club (Join now)!

If you've attended any of my classes recently, you may have heard me expressing my excitement over a new scrapbooking class I've been participating in with one of my CTMH uplines, Cindy Baker.  Cindy began offering "Project 365" classes to her customers and consultant team members in January of this year and I've been participating with her long-distance (meaning I purchase a kit from her each month and she mails it to me to assemble and add my photos and journaling to).

When I began taking this class with her, I had hopes that I would find a way to offer a similar class to my own customers and team members soon also.  Well, I am very excited to announce that...
I am finally ready to begin offering a "Project 365" club kit
of my own to you starting in June!!

The idea is very simple, here's how it will work.
Your job is to complete two steps each day:
1).  Take at least one photo each day that documents your life.
2).  Write just a little bit about that photo and/or any other things
that you accomplished that day in your "Project 365" notebook.

I don't want you to obsess or be a perfectionist about this...this should not take very much of your time!  If you miss a day, jump back in quickly and take two photos the next day...or just move on and skip a day occasionally if you need to.  The point is that this should become a quick part of your daily routine that is easy enough to do in just 5-10 minutes OR more than that!  Keep in mind that it is impossible to document every aspect of your life, we just want to end up with about 20-30 photos by the end of each month that give our readers a "GLIMPSE" into our daily life each month for the next year.  And in case you're wondering...Yes, the idea for this type of an album originated from Becky Higgins' "Project Life" scrapbooking kits that are so popular right now (you can learn more about this trend at

In June, we will create the Cover Page for our album as well as the binder cover for our organizational notebook. June's "Kit #1" will also include the 3-ring binder and Black Glamour Glitter Alphabet stickers ($5.95 retail value). The binder will include calendar pages for you to use to write a few details about the photos you are taking daily as well as some photo-taking "prompts" (lists of ideas to help guide you towards what you can or should photograph each day).

Here is what my June "365" Kit contents will help you create:

 (Cover of the 3-ring binder we will use to organize all of our daily photo-taking notes!)
(Front Cover page we will create to begin our "Project 365" album)

Then in July, we will begin creating our album pages (Kit #2) using the photos we took in will be slipping your photos and paper rectangles (with journaling on them) into pocket pages...which means no time spent cropping photos or using a lot of adhesive...the focus is on YOU telling your story!...and I promise the page designs will be oh-so-cute and creative...I will post photos of Kit #2 page designs soon so you can see what I mean! 
July's kit pages (that you add your June photos to) 
will be designed with the "Surf's Up" collection (shown below).

The price for my pre-cut kits will always be just $20 per month!
(or $25 per month for long-distance participants
due to the additional cost of mailing it to you).

Each monthly kit will include:
Pre-cut papers (the equivalent of approximately half a paper packet),
 the coordinating My Stickease or Complements Assortment,
plus a variety of additional embellishments (that may also include Flip Flaps),
 and 4-12x12 Memory Protector Photo Storage Pages 
(your choice of Horizontal 4113 or Vertical Z1324 pockets).
The retail value of combined kit contents will always be at least $20 or more!

To join my 365 club, all I need is for you to
get your payment to me by June 15th to reserve your first kit!
 I can accept cash, check, or Paypal payments online (below).
Contact me by phone, e-mail, or Facebook if you need my mailing address to send a check.

Local customers can plan to join me during my monthly crop playdates on
Friday, June 21st (7-10pm)
and/or Saturday, June 22nd (1pm-4pm)
to assemble our kits together.

Long-distance customers just need to purchase the kit from me by June 15th and then I will mail all kit contents out to you on
Monday, June 24th. 

ONLY 1 left-over kit AVAILABLE!!
Use the drop-down menu below to choose your kit option,
then click the "buy now" button to place your order via PayPal online!

Kit #1 (to be mailed when payment is received)

Then get started NOW by taking at least
ONE PHOTO EACH DAY during the month of June!! (and remember to use some notebook paper to take a few brief notes on those pics you take each day also!)

PLEASE check back soon for photos of the pages we'll be creating
in July using the "Surf's Up" kit...coming soon!


Scrappin' Playground of Dreams said...

What a great club to start!!! you definitely have my interested peaked!!!!
Looking forward to seeing future kits!!

Scrapbook With Starr said...

I love this!!!! I am actually considering this one <3