Saturday, October 1, 2016

The "All About Me" Album Opportunity!

Did you miss out on the
"All About Me" album classes
(for adults and kids/tweens/teens!)
that I offered this past August?

I only promoted this class through Facebook,
so if you're not connected with me there,
you might have missed it.

Well, I still have a few extra kits and materials
available for anyone who might be interested!
Read on to learn more...

It is so important to scrapbook about YOU and tell YOUR story!! We know this, but even so, most of the time WE (the moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas), are behind the camera instead of in front of it. We take lots of pictures that document our family and friends, the special days, events, and holidays…and that's ALL good…so very good…and sometimes we even end up in a photo or two…sometimes…BUT all too often we don’t take enough pictures that include ourselves and we neglect to put the focus on “us” to really tell OUR story, so that our kids and future generations can really know us, know who we are, what we loved, what we did, and what we valued! THIS new class I’m offering is the PERFECT opportunity to get started telling your story now! THIS little album we’re making will become a treasured keepsake for generations to come (and in the process, this project will remind us that WE really matter! WE are just as wonderful, unique, and important as all of the cherished loved ones we’ve been photographing and scrapbooking about already)!

Life is not remembered one day at a time, but by small moments at a time. Preserving those little "memory moments" is what it’s all about. Our Everyday Life albums, 6” x 8” page inserts, pocket pages, and memory protectors offer a fast and easy way to save our favorite photos, PLUS lots of little things like ticket stubs, post cards, a napkin from a favorite restaurant, grocery lists, receipts, favorite stamps/stickers, quotes you love, little notes from your kids/friends, pictures they’ve drawn for you, greeting cards, favorite thoughts and scriptures and creative ideas that inspire you, goals you’ve set for yourself, and so much MORE! If any of the memorabilia you want to include is too large or not practical to include in the book (things like a trophy, your craziest socks, a quilt/craft you made, or something that you grew in your garden), then just take a photo of it!! Then, at class you’ll grab your adhesive and/or some washi tape to attach your mementos on the colorful pages, and there’s no real "designing" or “organizing skills” required either! This album can be a scrapbook in the truest sense of the word…little “scraps” and “bits & pieces” of your life, along with any photos that document who you are and what your life is like.

START NOW by collecting little “bits and pieces” of YOU…YOUR favorite memories and things! Over the next few weeks collect, find, gather, and save anything that makes you happy…AND take some current photos IF you need to! Cut photos of your favorite things from a magazine or print some off from the internet (don't forget to take and print photos of your current home/car/school/workplace, and especially take photos of YOU and your favorite people/pets too!!) The photos can "go with" your memorabilia, or NOT...let go of that perfectionism…your album CAN always be just random photos and stuff in no particular order! Simply grab a box or a large envelope and start adding your goodies into it NOW and every day until we meet!

In order to prepare for these classes, I began by creating my own pages for an "All About Me" album. I decided that I wanted my album to focus on my childhood memories and who I was while growing up (because these are photos and memorabilia I have procrastinated saving for a long time). Like mine, your album can include older photos and memories you have, of course, but don't be afraid to use only current and new photos and memories of yourself instead, if childhood photos and memorabilia are difficult for you to get access to or get copies of. Start with what you have and what is easiest for you right now, as this will ensure that you succeed from the start! (then you can go back and preserve older photos when you are a more experienced and confident scrapper). Our children and grandchildren will want to know who we are NOW, just as much as who we were long ago.

Here are a few of my favorite pages (so far)
that I hope might inspire you:

Would you like to start an
album project similar to this?!

I'm happy to help you get started now! The kit options I have to offer for this project start at just $50 (or less!) Each kit purchased from me includes all of the materials you will need to create your own album (plus my expert help/assistance if you want and need it!)...which makes my kits such a great bargain!! Please contact me now if you'd like to get started...
and Let me show you how!!

Call or email or text message me today!

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