Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Square paper Christmas Ornaments!

Front (left) and Back (right) sides of the ornament shown below: The stamping and paper pieces cut and used to make my ornament!
It's never too early to get started making your projects for the upcoming holidays! This post is for my friend Beth who just called to ask me to refresh her memory on how to make these fun paper Christmas ornaments. Beth has already finished making all of her Christmas cards this year, so she must be ready to get going on her decorations now (yaay for Beth)! The ornaments really are quite simple, and once you get going on making them you won't want to stop!

You simply need 4-2"x 2" paper squares and about 12 inches of ribbon for each ornament you plan to make. The front and back pieces on my sample ornament above are colonial white cardstock squares that I have stamped using the Just for the Holidays D1380 stamp set with Tulip and Olive inks. The patterned paper squares that are creased on each side are from the Jingle paper packet X7115B. The Tulip-stamped "Christmas" square is cut out and then adhered over the Olive-stamped image; this technique that I tend to use a lot is called "paper piecing." I've also added some antiqued copper bitty brads before the ornament is then fully assembled.

To assemble the ornament, turn the four 2"x 2" squares at an angle, like a diamond; gently crease each square from top to the bottom; adhere the back and two side squares together (folded triangles with crease towards the center); fold the 3" piece of ribbon in half and attach the loop to the top of the ornament with a glue dot; adhere the front square to the ornament, covering the ribbon ends inside. Finish it off with a pretty bow adhered to the front with another glue dot and you're done! Have fun with these and enjoy your preparations to get ready to "Deck the Halls"!

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Beth said...

Hey Jen, thanks so much for posting these instructions...as for my Christmas cards being finished..that is just about the only thing I am early on..LOL..
thanks again for Sat. class LOVE LOVE LOVE the halloween treat bag!!!