Saturday, January 15, 2011

Layouts 3 and 4 - using the Sweetheart WOTG kit!

Sweetheart Workshop-on-the-Go layout - Left side (below)
Sweetheart Workshop-on-the-Go layout - Right side (below)
Sweetheart Workshop-on-the-Go layout - pull-out tag with journaling (below)
Sweetheart Workshop-on-the-Go layout - full view (below)
I just finished up layouts #3 and #4 this past week, which means that I met my goal of a layout every week this month already and the month's barely even half over (yeaay for me)!! I know that this looks like just one scrapbook layout (and it is), BUT I also created a duplicate copy of this layout this week because I am giving one of them to my downline consultant team member Starr Nelson (who is the "Rising Starr") featured on my pages! Three years ago Starr received the very prestigious annual "Rising Star" award at our corporate-sponsored Leadership Conference and I was so thrilled to be able to be there to celebrate it with her and Close to my Heart. What an amazing event it was and I am so grateful for the photos and memories I have from that week. I promised Starr then that I would make her a layout of her big achievement, and even though it took me quite a while (blush), I finally have it done and ready to give to her (if you are reading this Starr, then "Surprise!!" It's about time right?! lol. I will give you your layout next week at our upcoming team meeting or get it mailed to you if you aren't able to attend!!) This layout was created using the new Sweetheart Workshop-on-the-Go kit that is featured on page 41 of the NEW Spring/Summer Idea Book! If you haven't received the beautiful new idea book from me yet, then you'll want to attend one of my upcoming events or contact me soon to get your very own free copy from me!

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