Monday, March 28, 2011

Easy online scrapbooking with Studio J!!

Hello creative Friends! Today I am excited to share this totally AWESOME YouTube video made by one of my fellow CTMH consultant friends - Tresa Black, the fabulously artsy "Stamp Goddess!" Her story just touched my heart so much that I couldn't wait to share it with you all here on my blog (and be sure to have some tissues on hand when you watch this, lol). I feel so inspired by the sweet story Tresa shares in her video and it reminds me once again why I LOVE CTMH so very much!

Studio J really can help you get more of your scrapbooking done faster, simpler, and easier! Studio J is not meant to be a replacement for the classic scrapbooking we so enjoy (you all know I could never give that up!), but rather it is just one more easy and fun way to help us get even more scrapbooking done. By the way, this video came about because Close To My Heart is currently having a video contest for consultants. We have been challenged to create a video sharing the reasons "why" we love Studio J. The YouTube submissions with the most views will receive up to $300 in new product from CTMH. So, not only do you just HAVE to see this wonderful video clip, when you watch this video you are also supporting Tresa in her endeavor to win - go Tresa - yaaaaay! Watching this clip will only take 2.5 minutes of your time, and I know you will enjoy its heartwarming message and want to give Studio J a try. Enjoy the show (and if you're as inspired by it as I am, you may want to watch it more than once)!!

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Tresa Black said...

Thank you Jenn for posting my video on your blog! I appreciate the support!