Tuesday, August 23, 2011

THANKS to all who came to see me at the Harvey House on 8/20!

First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who came by and visited my booth at the Harvey House Market Day (vendor/craft fair) last Saturday 8/20! It was also the 100 year birthday celebration of the historic Harvey House, so I hope you enjoyed some of the other festivities and opportunities that were available there for you to enjoy that day also! You all kept me so busy all day that I really didn't get a chance to leave my booth to see much of anything else that was offered there that day (but you won't hear me complaining about that, lol). I am grateful to have had so much interest in my CTMH and Scentsy businesses that day and enjoyed talking with each and every person that stopped by! For those of you who had to miss it, I just thought you might like to see a few photos of what I was offering that day (and what I still have to continue to offer you right now with both Scentsy and CTMH!)
Here you can see some of my CTMH artwork (above) showing you a few different ways you can be creative with CTMH products. The Sonoma Workshop-on-the-Go kit is shown on the left and artwork created with this kit is shown on my display boards. On the right side of the table you can see our NEW Art Philosophy Cricut Collection (my newest addiction in crafting)!!
Left to Right (above) - the stack of NEW Autumn/Winter CTMH Idea Books that I had to give out, free scent-of-the-month samples, NEW Scentsy catalogs, and testers of the NEW scents for Autumn/Winter!
This display board (above) shows the NEW Event Calendar Workshop I'm offering on September 24th, October 8th, and October 22nd (you choose the date or multiple dates that work best for you to come complete it with me in my stamp room)! I will share more details about this workshop opportunity here on my blog very soon! This table also includes the current Stamp-of-the-Month set and August special ("A Typeface" stamp set), as well as September's National Stamping Month special (The "Pair-a-Phrase" stamp set), along with a few of my baskets of products for sale.
These are my three youngest kids (Wendy, Isabelle, and Juan Steven) with their Grandma Jackie. My wonderful mother-in-law (and father-in-law, Juan) watched our kids all day so I could work my booth while my husband Jose was out of town for my son's youth football scrimmage game that same morning. They stopped by the event to say "hello" and enjoy some of the festivities there that day as well (you can tell by the "stuffed snakes" around their necks that my kids had won a few carnival games, lol)!
Here is a view (above) of some of my Scentsy bars and other inventory for sale!
(Everything is still 10% off during August only, so it's not too late to call me this week if you want to stock up on anything now!) I still have lots of inventory I can sell to you in person if you live in the Barstow area (and yes, I do deliver if you already know what you want!) or you can also order online from my website anytime www.JenRubio.scentsy.us.
Here is another view (above) of the Scentsy warmers I had for sale! The warmer in the middle is called "Maize" and it is the warmer-of-the-month for September. I was warming the September scent-of-the-month "Pumpkin Marshmallow" in it all day, so my booth smelled nice and yummy (and aren't our Scentsy Buddies hangin' around super cute too)?!!
Finally, this is my sweet friend Carolyn and the hand-made jewelry she made to sell alongside me that day. THANK YOU Carolyn for all of your help!! (Carolyn woke up early and worked tirelessly to help me unload, set-up, re-pack, and re-load everything that day and I am so grateful for her - I owe you big time Carolyn!!)

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Nancy Ball said...

Wow Jen, what a great display. I'm sure yours was the busiest booth going. I hope in addition to having fun, you made lots of bookings and sales!