Friday, June 8, 2012

Last day of school Teacher Cards and Gifts!!

Today is the last day of school for my 6th grader (Isabelle) and my 3rd grader (Wendy)! We were so blessed to have such excellent teachers again this past year. Isabelle actually had two teachers (Ms. Korsak and Miss J Nelson) and Wendy had just one (Mrs. R Nelson) for a total of three gifts to these are the gifts we came up with for them:
They are getting Scentsy Layers Body Butter and Hand Cream (smells so yummy)!
Here are all three gifts together!
 ...and finally a close-up view of the card we made for them! 
Emily had her last day of school yesterday. She played her piccolo with the band at graduation last night and she is so excited to now be officially a "Junior" in high school! My 7th grader (Jose Jr.) is playing his saxophone with the band today at the 8th grade graduation at the Junior High (can't believe he'll be an 8th grader promoting next year)! Juan Steven is enjoying a special play day at the park with his pre-school class today complete with a bounce house and train rides - he was so excited for that! Juan Steven (age 4) still has a few more weeks of pre-school left to attend before we will ALL be home together for the summer! I just LOVE this time of year!! :)

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