Friday, July 18, 2014

Convention Highlights #2 (the Videos!)

Here is the official highlight video made by CTMH corporate (above).
You can see me and a few of my team members (all wearing pink)
at the start of the video...just 15 seconds in! :)

...and here is my team member, Denise Quinlan (below), participating in the Flash Mob!
Please use this first link to view it on Facebook (it's the better video!)

Isn't Denise the cutest?!! (and yes, that's me that you can hear screaming in the
background, lol). SO MUCH FUN!!

Finally, if you'd like to see another video of the Flash Mob shared by its organizer
(Consultant Tresa Black) and learn more about what it took to pull this off,
please check out more details on her blog linked here:

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