Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Save with Picture My Life Scrapbooking!

THANK YOU to all the ladies who were able to attend my
free Picture My Life Scrapbooking Class last night!
I hope you learned a lot and were inspired as
I showed you how Scrapbooking "simply" with
Picture My Life saves A LOT of time and money!
(as well as your photos and memories!!)
For those who couldn't attend, here is a little bit of information
to clue you in on what a wonderful thing PML is
and how it can help you save your memories
faster, simpler, and more affordably as well!

dressed up with a few photos and Picture My Life cards
from the NEW Chalk It Up PML kit!
(YES! This is an exclusive sneak peek at one of the
NEW kits available August 1st in our Annual Inspirations Catalog!)
I threw this beautiful display together in less than ten minutes!
...and I can't wait to hang it on my wall!!
I now have a beautiful wall-hanging that I can change
and update with new/different photos and/or PML cards
anytime I am in the mood for something new!
Please click here to see all of the Picture My Life kits that are currently available.

Below you see our Medium Organizer Box (Z4139)
filled with a few of the cards from PML kits I have purchased.
I used my label-maker with left-over patterned papers I had to make index tabs
to keep the cards from the different kits separated and easy to find when I'm creating with them.
You can also use this box to store/sort/organize your photos that are ready to scrapbook,
as well as any accessories and tools you will use frequently.
also shown here are essential must-have items you'll need if you plan to scrapbook using PML!

looks like closed (below). It includes a handle for carrying,
removable dividers, and a raised design in the lid so it is stack-able
(stacks perfectly with any of our boxes that are sized small, medium, and large!)

This photo is just to show you my craft room all ready to present my PML class!
If you missed it, it's not too late to take my I am now scheduling
Free PML classes for anyone who'd like to book one as a hostess (your house or mine)!
This is your chance to share CTMH and PML with your friends and be rewarded
with the Free products of your choice with just a few sales from your gathering!

Next, here is a "Tally Sheet" that breaks down the actual costs of many of our
products that you might want to purchase to use at any of my upcoming
Free Crops/Scrapbooking Buffets! The prices shown here already include
the cost of s/h (7.95%) and the sales tax we currently pay here in CA (8%).
By using this to tabulate the cost of the SIX pages I recently created,
I discovered that the materials I used to create my SIX Picture My Life pages
(shown below) only cost me $6.55!! ...and I now offer you the option to purchase
any of the PML kits with their entire contents for the best variety OR just buy a few 
protectors and cards from me at a time as you are using them at my upcoming crops!

Close to my Heart recommends that PML pages look best with a ratio of about half photos and half cards. I went a little picture "heavy" on my pages that I'm sharing with you here below, but I know that depending on how many photos I have from each event I scrapbook this way, I can include more cards and more journaling, or less, depending on what I like best (I love the flexibility of it pages, my way!...and because so little is glued down, I can change my mind and re-arrange later if I want to). Can you believe that I completed these SIX pages in one afternoon with just ONE hour of my time?!!

 Page 1 - pre-printed 12x12 cover-page (just added a photo
and a button my daughter was given to wear that day!)

 Page 2 - back side of the cover-page (just added photos!)

Page 3 - took a little extra time to journal my memories
(...but so worth it!)

 Page 3 again - with the 4x6 flip flap opened
(where I "snuck in" the ticket stub for parking that I saved)

 Page 4 (notice I cropped the middle 4x6 photo in half,
just as I did on page 3 also)

 Page 5 (lots of 4x6 photos...a little journaling)

Page 6 (the last page for this event)

As you can see, I did use just a little adhesive to add photos on the cover pages (1 & 2), corner rounded my photos, and cropped a few of the pictures to make them fit just where I wanted them...but those things are optional, and because this method uses so little adhesive and cropping, you SAVE lots of time and money!

Also, did you notice how versatile this kit is?!
Not only would it work great for summer/vacation/beach/travel
photos, I used it to scrapbook photos I took of my soon-to-be college-bound daughter during the month of April...a day-long family trip we took in the Spring!

I really believe that Picture My Life scrapbooking is the future of the scrapbooking, easy, flexible, and affordable! This solution just works for Scrapbookers and Non-Scrapbookers alike!
If you are local to me, I hope you will be able to join us for a Crop/Scrapbooking Buffet soon so I can help you try out this new method! Locals and non-locals alike also have the option to purchase any of these products now by shopping
 with me online here:
Thank you for reading and learning more about PML!


Nancy Ball said...

I love your "buffet tally sheet" and how you have gone through the PML kit. I think I might have to try making a "buffet tally sheet" as this is a wonderful idea to get people started with PML.

Jennifer Rubio said...

Thank you Nancy for your kind words! :)

Sheri Rottler said...

What a great Class! Lucky ladies - wish I could have been there! Thanks for all the tips. XOXO