Thursday, December 13, 2007

He's the Juan!

Well, I haven't kept up with adding to my blog at all like I had hoped to - LOL! That's the challenge of having so many kids and a new baby in the house though, I guess. I think I'll do better at keeping up with this once our daily routine gets a little more established and I don't feel so overwhelmed like I have been lately. Baby Juan Steven turned three months old just yesterday, December 12th, and it's amazing how quickly he is growing. I just love how chubby his soft little arms and legs are getting! He has an adorable smile and a giggle that will just melt your heart . He hasn't been sleeping as much as he used to at the beginning, so I find that he is awake and I am playing with him a lot during the day, and therefore can't get much else done around here (but who would want to? - he's just so much fun!)
I finally finished and mailed off all of my birth announcements and thank you cards last week! It was a project I had worked on very gradually (off and on for over a month) and I am just so thrilled to have finally finished them (even if he is three months old already now LOL!) I'm very proud of how they turned out, so I guess I'd better share them here with you as well. I hope you like our birth announcement as much as we do!

P.S. - If you click on the photo, you can see the details up close!