Friday, September 25, 2020

Thank you Creative Friends!

Sending a huge SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to all of the creative friends who sent me such beautiful handmade birthday cards recently!! I really do know some of the most talented people. ❤️ Cards shown here were made by Daisy Rivera (top Left), Linda Howe (top Right), Joanie Stanclift (bottom Left), Nicole Frazier (Center), Miyuki Noon-Farley (bottom Center), and Starr Nelson (bottom Right). Funny story about Starr’s card...My husband found it in my stash of swap cards I’ve been keeping. Starr made that card probably five or more years ago, lol, but Jose decided to use it! He wrote the sweetest message inside and then wrote, “P.S.-Thanks to Starr Nelson for making this card for me to use.” 😂 Resourcefulness is definitely one of his strengths! Thanks again everyone for thinking of me and making me feel special. You’ve motivated me even more to keep on paying it forward and mail out more cards more often.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

My Bloom with Grace Birthday Pages!

This is a big FIRST for me. I have just finished scrapbooking photos that were taken less than a week ago! Say, what?!! 😮 If you know me, then you know that I am never this organized and on top of things so quickly, lol. BUT my daughter Isabelle made the most beautiful birthday cake for me featuring sunflowers and I just couldn’t wait to use these pics with the new BLOOM WITH GRACE workshop kit! 🌻 The first two pages shown here were inspired by project #2 of the kit (with a few adjustments made to fit my larger photo sizes). The third page is one I designed using scraps leftover from the kit, plus one 12x12 sheet of French vanilla cardstock added for the base. I LOVE this kit so much that I can’t wait to create more with it. To be continued...

Friday, September 11, 2020

Cutting into Bloom with Grace!


Enjoying some quiet “me time” in my craft room this afternoon. Just finished cutting and sorting all the papers I’ll be using to create the featured scrapbooking workshop kit for September...BLOOM WITH GRACE!🌻 This color combination is just so stunning and perfect for Fall, feminine, family, outdoor, or anytime-themed photos. Can you spot the NEW color Desert Rose?! Follow me on IG and FB to see my completed pages...coming soon! Local customers, I still offer the extra service (option) of pre-cutting and sorting your paper for you at no additional cost, which saves you valuable time, simply because I love what I do and I appreciate you so much! ❤️ #ctmhscrapbooking #ctmhbloomwithgrace #letmeshowyouhow #stampwithjencreativefriends