Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Retirement List - Items available only While Supplies Last!

An EASY way to see all of the available
"Retiring Items" now, is to simply CLICK HERE!

Anything that has been crossed off the list (below) has SOLD OUT already. Sorry!
If there's something that has sold out that you still really want/need, please let me know asap,
as it is still likely that I may have it available in my stash of products that I can sell to you!

All A-E stamp sets listed (that are not part of any WOTG kits) are guaranteed to remain available to order until August 31st, 2015. CTMH manufactures our stamps at the Home Office and can therefore continue to make enough to meet the demand for them.

Also, please note that any item (including some of the retiring colors of cardstock, ink pads, and re-inkers especially) may not show up as available to purchase online from my website temporarily (www.StampwithJen.ctmh.com) IF the items are on back-order due to the high demand for them. These temporarily unavailable items are still expected to show up online again as "available to order" as soon as CTMH has them back in stock from the manufacturer.

Lastly, the inclusion of the Cricut items on this list does NOT mean that the cartridges are being discontinued! The dimensional elements only that came with the collections are being discontinued and the Cricut cartridges will now be packaged with cardstock instead, thus a new product number will be required starting September 1st. That is the reason they are listed here. The cartridges continue to be and will absolutely remain available!

Z1683              Dimensional Elements Mixed Shapes
Z1684              Dimensional Elements Tags
Z1685              Dimensional Elements Banners
Z1791              Dimensional Elements Album Pages
Z1792              Dimensional Elements Awards
Z1793              Dimensional Elements Quotes
Z1900              Dimensional Elements Framework
Z1901              Dimensional Elements Snapshots
Z1902              Dimensional Elements Signage
X7184C           Chalk It Up Complements
X7185C           Scaredy Cat Complements
X7186C           Pathfinding Complements
X7187C           Yuletide Carol Complements
X7188C           Snowhaven Complements
X7189C           Confetti Wishes Complements
X7190C           Brushed Complements
X7191C           Wanderful Complements
X7192C           Seaside Complements
X7193C           Heartstrings Complements
X7195C           Jackson Complements
X7196C           Blossom Complements
Z1708              Sparkle Flourishes
Z1745              Sparkle Flourishes Black
Z1753              Sparkles Brown and Tan Assortment
Z1754              Sparkles Black and Grey Assortment
Z1806              Green and Blue Epoxy Bubbles
Z1807              Pink Glitter Gems
Z1812              Sparkle Flourishes - Small
Z1909              Mini Clothes Pins
Z1916              Sparkle Black Flourishes - Small
Z1935              Black and Grey Epoxy Bubbles
Z1936              Purple Glitter Gems
Z3028              Lovestruck Mini Clothespins
Z3029              Happy Day Mini Clothespins
Z3037              Stuck on You Puffies
Z3038              Junebug Puffies
Z3041              Oceanside Sequins
Z3042              Coral Reef Sequins
Z3073              Brave Enamel Shapes
Z3074              Bubbly Enamel Shapes
Z2044              Confetti Wishes Assortment
Z3007              Yuletide Carol Assortment
Z3008              Snowhaven Assortment
Z3009              Chalk it Up Assortment
Z3010              Wanderful Assortment
Z3011              Scaredy Cat Assortment
Z3012              Pathfinding Assortment
Z3013              Brushed Assortment
Z3014              Seaside Assortment
Z3015              Heartstrings Assortment
Z3016              Hopscotch Assortment
Z3071              Jackson Assortment
Z3072              Blossom Assortment
Z1857              Mini-Medley Accents Rosewood Collection
Z1861              Mini-Medley Accents Ruby Collection
Z1862              Mini-Medley Accents Black Collection
Z1855              My Crush Modville Book
Z1856              My Crush Bluebird Book
Z1886              My Crush Besties Assortment
Z1887              My Crush Best Day Ever Assortment
Z1888              My Crush Memories Assortment
Z1889              My Crush Favorites Assortment
Z2000              My Crush In the Pink Book
Z2001              My Crush Wildwood Book
Z2040              My Crush Wildwood Assortment
Z2041              My Crush Wildwood Sticky Tabs
Z2042              My Crush In the Pink Assortment
Z2043              My Crush In the Pink Sticky Tabs
Z2047              My Crush Wildwood Clips
Z2048              My Crush In the Pink Clips
Z2051              My Crush Holiday Happenings Badge Buttons
Z2062              My Crush Holiday Happenings Assortment
Z2098              My Crush Holiday Happenings Book
Z3080              My Crush For Him Book
Z3081              My Crush For Her Book
Z1864              Slate Striped Twist Ties
Z1920              Gold Polka Dot Washi Tape
Z1921              Baker's Twine Neutral Metallic Assortment
Z1923              Smoothie Striped Washi Tape
Z1929              Topiary Mini Chevron Ribbon
Z1931              Honey Triangles Washi Tape
Z1932              Silver Geometric Washi Tape
Z1933              Ruby Chevron Washi Tape
Z2002              Topiary Striped Washi Tape
Z2003              Black Arrow Washi Tape
Z2004              Lagoon Hearts Washi Tape
Z2005              Sunset Chevron Washi Tape
Z3066              Boardwalk Washi Pack
Z3067              Carnival Washi Pack
Z1987              Cranberry Striped Twill Ribbon
Z1988              Black Striped Twill Ribbon
Z1989              Slate Diagonal Striped Ribbon
Z1990              Thistle Diagonal Striped Ribbon
1010                 Extender Posts 1"
1011                Posts and Screws 1"
Z1346             12x12 Post Bound Album - Outdoor Denim
Z1030             Monthly Calendar
Z126               Event Calendar
Z2056             Cut Above Valentine Treat Bag Kit
Z2057             Cut Above Holiday Treat Bag Kit
Z2058             Cut Above Halloween Treat Bag Kit
Z2059             Cut Above Birthday Treat Bag Kit
Z2061             Cut Above Happy Birthday Card Kit
Z2063             Cut Above Thank You Card Kit
Z2064             Cut Above Christmas Card Kit
Z2065             Cut Above Holiday Card Kit
Z1818             My Creations 6" x 6" Canvas Display
Z1865             Designed Decor White Frame
Z1880             Designed Decor Black Frame
Z1896             Designed Decor Flip Stand Album
Z1899             Hook Clips
Z1822             Muslin Drawstring Bags
Z1823             Clear Treat Tubes
Z1840             Clear Pillow Boxes
Z1872             Burlap Drawstring Bags
Z1941             Pennant Frame
Z1296             Distressing Inks
44751             Archival Black Stamp Pad
4476               Reinker Archival Black
Z4135             Exclusive Inks Reinker Tray
Z1473            White Daisy Die Cut Cards and Envelopes
Z1866            White Daisy Spin Cards and Envelopes
Z1830             Brown and Tan Glitter Paper
Z1847             Green Glitter Paper
X7195B          Jackson Paper Pack
X7196B          Blossom Paper Pack
X7184B          Chalk it Up Paper Pack
X7185B          Scaredy Cat Paper Pack
X7186B          Pathfinding Paper Pack
X7187B          Yuletide Carol Paper Pack
X7188B          Snowhaven Paper Pack
X7189B          Confetti Wishes Paper Pack
X7190B          Brushed Paper Pack
X7191B          Wanderful Paper Pack
X7192B          Seaside Paper Pack
Z1942             Picture My Life Avonlea Scrapbooking Program
Z1943             Picture My Life Babycakes Scrapbooking Program
Z1944             Picture My Life Laughing Lola Scrapbooking Program
Z1945             Picture My Life Later Sk8r Scrapbooking Program
Z1946             Picture My Life Surf's Up Scrapbooking Program
Z1947             Picture My Life Skylark Scrapbooking Program
Z1948             Picture My Life Balloon Ride Scrapbooking Program
Z1949             Picture My Life Chantilly Scrapbooking Program
Z1973             Base and Bling Storyteller Style Sheet
Z1974             Base and Bling Free Thinker Style Sheet
Z1975             Base and Bling Craft Queen Style Sheet
Z1976             Base and Bling Dreamer Style Sheet
Z2017             Picture My Life Pear and Partridge Scrapbooking Program
Z2018             Picture My Life Chalk it Up Scrapbooking Program
Z2019             Picture My Life Wanderful Scrapbooking Program
Z2020             Picture My Life Seaside Scrapbooking Program
Z2022             Picture My Life For Always Scrapbooking Program
Z3046             Picture My Life Heartstrings
Z3053             Picture My Life Avonlea
Z3054             Picture My Life Babycakes
Z3055             Picture My Life Laughing Lola
Z3056             Picture My Life Later Sk8r
Z3057             Picture My Life Surf's Up
Z3058             Picture My Life Skylark
Z3059             Picture My Life Balloon Ride
Z3060             Picture My Life Chantilly
Z3061             Picture My Life Chalk it Up
Z3062             Picture My Life Wanderful
Z3063             Picture My Life Seaside
Z3064             Picture My Life Pear and Partridge
Z3065             Picture My Life For Always
Z3068             Picture My Life Jackson Scrapbooking Program
G1083            Workshops on the Go Pathfinding Cardmaking Kit
G1085            Workshops on the Go Snowhaven Cardmaking Kit
G1095            Workshops on the Go Blossom Cardmaking Kit
G1081            Workshops on the Go Chalk it Up Scrapbooking Kit
G1082            Workshops on the Go Pathfinding Scrapbooking Kit
G1084            Workshops on the Go Yuletide Carol Scrapbooking Kit
G1086            Workshops on the Go Confetti Wishes Scrapbooking Kit
G1087            Workshops on the Go Brushed Scrapbooking Kit
G1088            Workshops on the Go Wanderful Scrapbooking Kit
G1089            Workshops on the Go Seaside Scrapbooking Kit
G1094            Workshops on the Go Jackson Scrapbooking Kit
Z1940             Base and Bling Chain - Faux Antiqued Silver
Z1954             Base and Bling Chain - Faux Antiqued Gold
Z1955             Base and Bling Dreamer Charms Assortment
Z1957             Base and Bling Free Thinker Charms Assortment
Z1958             Base and Bling Craft Queen Charms Assortment
Z1959             Base and Bling Storyteller Charms Assortment
Z1962             Base and Bling Square Pendant - Faux Antiqued Silver
Z1963             Base and Bling Square Pendant - Faux Antiqued Gold
Z1964             Base and Bling Circle Pendant - Faux Antiqued Silver
Z1965             Base and Bling Circle Pendant - Faux Antiqued Gold
Z1978            Base and Bling Rhinestone Charms
Z2007            Base and Bling Oval Pendant - Faux Antiqued Gold
Z2008            Base and Bling Oval Pendant - Faux Antiqued Silver
Z2014            Base and Bling Journey Charms
Z2024            Base and Bling Signature Charms
Z2025            Base and Bling Rectangle Pendant - Faux Antiqued Gold
Z2026            Base and Bling Rectangle Pendant - Faux Antiqued Silver
Z2034            Base and Bling Oval Cuff - Faux Antiqued Gold
Z2035            Base and Bling Oval Cuff - Faux Antiqued Silver
Z2502            Enchantment Mini Pigment Pads Set
Z2201            Reinker Autumn Terracotta
Z2204            Reinker Barn Red
Z2230            Reinker Indian Corn Blue
Z2237            Reinker Olive
Z2240            Reinker Outdoor Denim
Z2245            Reinker Ponderosa Pine
Z2247            Reinker Smokey Plum
Z2101            Stamp Pad Autumn Terracotta
Z2104            Stamp Pad Bard Red
Z2130            Stamp Pad Indian Corn Blue
Z2137            Stamp Pad Olive
Z2140            Stamp Pad Outdoor Denim
Z2145            Stamp Pad Ponderosa Pine
Z2147            Stamp Pad Smokey Plum
1245              Cardstock 12 x 12 Olive
1270              Cardstock 12 x 12 Autumn Terracotta
1275              Cardstock 12 x 12 Outdoor Denim
1276              Cardstock 12 x 12 Ponderosa Pine
1284              Cardstock 12 x 12 Indian Corn Blue
1291              Cardstock 12 x 12 Smokey Plum
X5637           Cardstock 12 x 12 Barn Red
X5934           Enchantment Cardstock Combo Pack
Z1939           Paper Fundamentals Basic Assortment
Z2031           Paper Fundamentals Enchantment Assortment
Z2032           Paper Fundamentals Adventure Assortment
Z2033           Paper Fundamentals Whimsy Assortment
Z1686           Cricut Art Philosophy Collection
Z1790           Cricut Artiste Collection
Z1906           Cricut Artbooking Collection
Z3017           Cricut Artfully Sent Collection

Stamp Sets

A1147          Hanukkah Celebration
A1152          Joyful Wishes
A1153          Hope
A1155          Quick Cards - Japanese Blossom
A1157          Quick Cards - Island Greetings
A1162          Bright Spirits
A1163          Practical Planning
A1165          Capture the Day
A1166          Quoth the Raven
A1168          O Holy Night
A1169          Well Wishes

B1403          To You and Yours
B1432          Love This
B1442          Belated Birthday
B1452          Funky Blossoms
B1454          Thanksgiving Wreath
B1455          Be Jolly
B1456          Born to Roam
B1457          Tweet Me
B1458          Cuddly Salutations
B1459          Celebrate Love
B1461          Happy Mail
B1464          Puppy Party
B1465          Glitter Glam
B1467          You Mean the World to Me
B1468          Merriest Christmas
B1471          Variety of Thanks
B1472          Love this Story
B1477          Exotic Flower

C1504          Fall Harvest
C1506          Flakey Friends
C1522          Creepy Creatures
C1533          Fabulous You
C1556          Paisley Perfect
C1557          Polar Bear Holiday
C1561          One Way Borders
C1562          Mary and Babe
C1570          Lifting Spirits
C1576          Pick a Posey
C1587          Sing Glory
C1589          Lifetime of Happiness
C1592          World Traveler
C1593          Hats Off
C1595          Hello Summer
C1596          Happy Hexagons
C1597          Rainy Day
C1598          Noel
C1600          Happy Birds
C1601          Nursery Charms
C1602          Magical Moment
C1613          Paper Bird
C1614          Tagged with Love

D1469          Polka Dot Alphabet
D1507          Urban Alphabet
D1540          In the Background
D1541          Fast and Furious
D1543          Country Born
D1544          Distressed Backgrounds
D1550          Happy Autumn
D1552          Magical Days
D1553          Yuletide Greetings
D1554          Christmas Village
D1559          Geometric Backgrounds
D1602          A Budding Friendship
D1603          Shreddin' the Slopes
D1608          Better with a Friend
D1613          Best Christmas
D1615          Sweet as Sugar
D1616          Have a Happy Day
D1653          Happy Everything

E1026          Vogue Alphabet

ALL Workshops on the Go Stamp Sets are also retiring,
as they are not available for purchase separately, and
will be sold out once the WOTG kit is sold out.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jump on it in July Blog Hop!

THANK YOU for stopping by to enjoy our
"Jump on it July" Promotional Blog Hop!
Today I'm featuring one of my favorite
Hostess Rewards stamp sets:
Paper Bird C1613
You can purchase this stamp set this month only
for just $5 when you purchase any $25
in current retail-priced stamps!

If you've just arrived here from TINA's BLOG
then you are on the correct path.

In addition to Paper Bird (C1613), this standard-size card I created also features
the Seaside papers (X7192B) with Black, Desert Sand, and Glacier ink pads.
My card design is inspired by Wishes - Sun Dial (p. 14).

Here is what the entire Paper Bird stamp set looks like
(shown on page 5 of Seasonal Expressions 2):

Now you can continue on with the hop
and be inspired by more creative ideas
using stamp sets offered through this promotion
by visiting LELA's BLOG next.

Enjoy the hop!! or continue reading (below) first
to learn more about this special offer!!

 So...What is the Jump on it July Promotion?
During the month of July, when you purchase $25 in current, retail priced stamps, you qualify to receive either the July Stamp of the Month, My Acrylix® Life Is Wonderful (above) FREE, or any one of the Hostess Rewards stamp sets featured in Annual Inspirations 2014–2015 or Seasonal Expressions 2 for only $5! That is a savings of up to $17.95! The July Stamp of the Month is a lovely, versatile stamp set that is a great match for your cards and layouts that celebrate all the wonderful things—big and small—that life has to offer. Additionally, the Hostess Rewards stamp sets have previously only been available as part of the Hostess Rewards program, which means now is the perfect opportunity to get those special stamp sets you’ve had your eye on! To get your FREE stamp set or your $5 Hostess Rewards stamp set, simply place an order for $25 of any current, retail priced stamps. This offer is available only during the month of July and applies only to the July Stamp of the Month and current Hostess rewards stamp sets, so spring into action and jump on this deal before it’s gone! *Offer valid July 1, 2015 – July 31, 2015. No tax will be charged on the free item(s). Shipping/handling is calculated based on the full retail price of the free or discounted item(s). Order online now to participate in this promotion by visiting my website here:

Studio J Flash Sale!!

FLASH SALE!!! Do you have an account full of Studio J® layouts waiting to be printed? How about a big photo order you keep meaning to make? Well, now is the time to log in to Studio J and order all of your layouts and photos! From July 15, 2015, 9:00 am MDT to July 31, 2015, 5:00 pm MDT, all 2-page 12x12 layouts in Studio J are only $5!!!
Enter Studio J with this link here now:

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Color changes, Open House, and Online Ordering Announcements!!

Okay, so I am home from the Close to my Heart annual Convention
and there are so many exciting new things to tell you about,
I hardly know where to begin!!
I think it's probably best to start revealing things gradually
and one at a time, so here is my first announcement...
there are some big changes coming to our
Exclusive Color palette!
7 NEW Colors are being added to
the Enchantment Color family!
This means that 7 of our current colors have to go:
At first, I wasn't thrilled about this change because I
love our current colors so much, BUT...
when you see the new colors you are gonna LOVE
them too! I was completely "Wow"ed by them!
The new colors names are:
Eggplant, Fern, Peacock, Pomegranate,
Poppy, Saffron, and Sapphire!
...but if you want to SEE them before September 1st
you will want to plan to join me for my
NEW Catalog Reveal Open House
on Friday, August 14th (7-9pm)!
More details will be coming soon, but for now...
I do anticipate that the ink pads, cardstocks,
(and re-inkers especially!) may sell out quickly,
so if you are a collector of these items
you won't want to wait to order them now!!
Online orders can be placed with me at:
and I will be mailing/giving away FREE new Idea Books
(including the NEW Holiday Expressions!)
starting August 24th to anyone who places any size
online order with me in July or August!
Don't forget to take advantage of the "Jump on it July"
promotion while you're visiting my online shopping
section, and there are quite a few new additions to the 
"while supplies last" section also! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Disneyland hotel...Here I come!!

As of 5:30am on Wednesday morning, July 8th,
I am on my way to Disneyland (the happiest place on earth!)
for the annual Convention for Close to my Heart consultants!
These are the last few goodies on my table (above)
that are now packed and ready to go with me.
What an exciting week it's gonna be!!
Stay tuned...I'll update you all again soon
via Instagram (JenRubio5)
and Facebook (Jennifer Sluder Rubio)
...so please follow me :)